Recently Filmed Beyond Consequences LIVE Event

On February 4, 2012, Heather T. Forbes, LCSW presented her Beyond Consequences LIVE parent training in Denver, Colorado. This full day event was filmed and has just been released on DVD. You are invited by special invitation to take advantage of this very discounted DVD offer!

Empowering, Educational, & yes...Entertaining

Heather T. Forbes, LCSW delivers one of her best presentations to a group of parents and professionals seeking advice about raising and working with children with difficult and severe behaviors. Her presentation incorporates the understanding that neuroscience gives us to explain the thinking and perspective of children whose regulatory systems have been compromised through traumatic experiences.

Yet, as a parent herself, Heather knows all too well the importance of being able to know what to do when "the rubber hits the road." Through her Powerpoint presentation, as well as through powerful examples, she delivers an empowering, educational, and yes, entertaining message! Heather's ability to speak from the heart, through experience, and with humor and truth makes this presentation engaging and without a dull moment.

Love In Action

This DVD is packed full of Heather's signature teaching style: ROLEPLAYS. There is no better way to learn how to put love into action other than watching roleplays of typical home scenarios. With parents coming up on stage to take the role of their children, Heather gives examples of what doesn't work and what does work. Role playing the parent, herself, Heather spontaneously demonstrates her techniques.

You will be able to watch, first hand, how to handle a difficult and challenging situation. These roleplays are so real because the parents interacting with Heather in these roleplays bring to her the frustrations they feel as parents on an everyday basis. In fact, you could call them "real-plays" instead of "role-plays." Entertaining to watch, these examples of putting love into action will give you more hands on, "in the moment," knowledge.

Open Q&A from Parents Just Like You

In order to ensure the message Heather delivers is "making sense," she opens the lecture throughout the day for parents to come ask their questions. Heather openly addresses these "real-life" questions which will give you a greater sense of how to put these principles to work in your own home after watching this DVD.

In this DVD, you'll hear parents describe the situations going on in their homes and how Heather works with each of these parents to help them find solutions to the chaos and madness they are experiencing. Each of these parents brings a different scenario that is sure to apply to your own life situation. Many parents have commented that this is the BEST part of Heather's lecture because it gives application to the challenges we face every day with our children.

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